J. S. Bach

■ Brandenburg Concerto No.1 .in F Major, BWV1046
Fl, Vn, 3Vla and Strings (Ver. 3) Score + Parts


■ Brandenburg Concerto No.2 .in F Major, BWV1047

Fl, Vn, Vla, Strings & Basso continuo (Ver. 3) Score + Parts


■ Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor BWV582

Fl, 2Vn, Vla & Vc (Ver. 3)  Score + Parts


■ Well Tempered Clavier  Fugue7, Prelude19, Prelude24

3Vla  Parts

■ Triple Concerto (Concerto in D major) BWV1064a

Fl, Vn, HC & Strings  Score + Parts


■ Italian Concerto BWV971

Fl, Vn, Vla  Parts


■ Goldberg Variation


■ Trio Sonata BWV525-527 (based on Organ Sonata)

Fl, Vn(Vla), Vc(Vla)  Parts


■ Trio Sonata BWV529 in D (based on Organ Sonata)

Vn, Vla (or Vn ), V c


■ Trio Sonata BWV1030-1033 (based on Flute)

Fl, Vn(Vla), Vc(Vla)  Parts


■Sinfonias & Arias from Cantatas BWV76, 113 & 52

    Vn1, Vn2(=Vn2), Vla, Vc, Fg


■Sinfonias & Arias from Cantatas BWV18 & 82

    Vn1, Vn2, Vla1, Vla2, Vc, Fg


■Sinfonias & Arias from Cantatas BWV42, 155 & 72

    V n1, Vn2, Vla1, Vla2, Vc, Fg